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Livro "Detrás da Sombra" Em Ebook

terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2008

.Crying River

A crying river lies here,
A watery soul that I see.
A resonant pain I can hear,
In the solitude of its tears.

An echoing rage flies high,
With the stream that evades and then rains,
To reunite with the screaming earth,
Feeling dead, but giving birth.

My reflection I can't see,
In the crying river that lies here.
Darkened by agony, by vanished desires,
Left alone in the forest, its unrequested empire.

(Poema contido na obra Detrás da Sombra)

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João da Silva disse...

Wonderful, compelling... I'm astonished. Who are you, my friend?
A strong hug!